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Thermal Water Abano Terme

The thermal water of Abano, classified as salso-bromo-iodic hyperthermal, is renown for giving relief to the respiratory tract, while the thermal muds with their thermal-mineral properties are excellent as anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxant in anti-pain therapies for the muscle and skeletal system.

The thermal water of the Terme Euganee takes up to thirty years to get from its springs in the Prealps and in the Lessini mountains to Abano. During this voyage the calcareous rocks and the high pressure it goes through give it its unique properties, and the water comes out at a temperature of about 87°C.

Water and mud are used in cycles of spa treatments with guaranteed benefits for your health.
The thermal center inside the hotel has specialized staff that will take care of those guests who come to Abano for a spa treatment and for a mud and inhalation therapy.