Hotel with wellness center in Abano Terme | Hotel Terme Paradiso

Hotel with wellness center in Abano Terme

If you want to brighten up your visage and indulge in a massage, our beauty center is the place for you. Our specialized staff will take care of you with wellness treatments, visage treatments and oriental massage or relaxing massage.

Terme Paradiso, hotel with wellness center in Abano Terme.

Beauty Pricelist

Some of our treatments

CERVICAL MASSAGE It helps to dissolve tensions in the cervical area which often create functional disturbances. 25’ € 30,00 - 50’ € 49,00
CLASSIC "TOTAL BODY" MASSAGE Regenerating massage for the well-being of the body. 25’ € 30,00
BODY LYMPHO DRAINAGE Stimulates the activity of the lymphatic system and performs an extremely effective drainage action. It can be partial, 25', or total 50'. 25' € 30,00 - 50’ € 50,00
ANTICELLULITE MASSAGE Manual technique performed on soft tissues with specific anti-cellulite products. 25’ € 30,00 - 50’ € 40,00
MYOFASCIAL MASSAGE Technique that works on the muscles by affecting the fascia that covers them.Improves posture, fluidity of movement, relieves tension and helps prevent joint muscle pain. 50’ € 50,00
FACIAL REFLEXOLOGY The face concentrates all the reflex zones of the body and is the mirror of all the organs of our body.By stimulating these areas, it relaxes the nervous system and allows vital energies to flow freely, bringing well-being to the entire body. 25’ € 32,00
FOOT REFLEXOLOGY By precise pressure points on the sole of the foot, the massage therapist acts on other parts of the body (and soul). 25’ € 32,00 - 50’ € 49,00
ANTI-STRESS MASSAGE - RELAX WITH ESSENTIAL OILS It is designed to offer holistic balance recovery and release from the grip of tension. 25’ € 30,00 - 50’ € 49,00
CALIFORNIAN MASSAGE It is the anatomical massage par excellence that shapes the body, rejuvenates it. It transmits energy. 25’ € 30,00 - 50’ € 49,00
CONNECTIVE MASSAGE Useful for restoring fascial restrictions, relieving chronictension, improving movement and posture. Also useful for the treatment of localized fat deposits and in combating cellulite because it acts directly on the adipocytes. 50’ € 50,00
DECONTRACTING MASSAGE Dedicated for those suffering from muscle tension, to relax and eliminate spasms. Ideal massage for sportsmen. 50’ € 50,00
RELAXING MASSAGE WITH THERMAL MUD Treatment thatacts on musclecontractures in a profoundway.Isused ahot pack of thermalmudfor the treatment. 50’ € 58,00
HOT STONE MASSAGE Massage with a relaxing effect and, thanks to the heat of the lava stones, it has a decontracting and vasodilating power and improves blood circulation. 50’ € 56,00
SHIATZU MASSAGE (ON FOUTON) Shiatzu rebalances the body in depth. The technique works on the over all harmony of the person. It has good effects on anxietyand stress, reduces typical symptoms ofd epression. I tbrings well-being on a physical level and also on a mental level. 50‘ € 55,00
AYURVEDIC MARMA TREATMENT Complete reflexology with body acupressure techniques useful for relieving neck pain, migraines, sinusitis, edema and lymphatic stasis. 50’ € 56,00
UDVERTANA TREATMENT Ayurvedic purifying ritual performed with Ayurvedic herbal powders used to eliminate toxins, renew tissue quality and reduce fat deposits through stimulating and energetic maneuvers that give relief and freshness to the body and skin. 50’ € 58,00
SKULL SACRAL TREATMENT It strengthens the immune system and reduces the membranous tensions of the skull. 50’ € 58,00
PINDA SWEDA NAM MASSAGE Massage that is arried out with hot pads rich in oils, herbs and salts from the Dead Sea. It strengthens and rejuvenates the body, the senses are sharpened and the aging process slows down 50‘ € 58,00
MASSAGE WITH BRUSHES It awakens the circulation, tones and stimulates the synovial fluid, helping the epidermal regeneration 50‘ € 58,00
AYURVEDIC MASSAGE ABYANGAM TRIDOSHA Massage that gives relaxing and rebalancing effects with hot oil. 50’ € 58,00
AYURVEDIC MASSAGE ABYANGAM VATADOSHA Decontracting massage that releases joint tension. 50’ € 58,00
COMPLETE FACIAL CLEANSING Cleansing, peeling application, hot steam, blackheadremoval, maskapplication, specificmoisturizingcream for yourskintype. 50’ € 44,00
COMPLETE FACE CLEANSING PLUS TREATMENT WITH A SPECIAL ANTI-AGING MASK Complete facial cleansing plus collagen mask or anti-aging mask. 50’ € 59,00
VEGETABLE COLLAGEN TREATMENT Special facial treatment with surprising results. Gives brightness and elasticity to the skin 25’ € 40,00
CUSTOMIZED FACE MASK "ICONSKIN" Specific treatment based on skintype and massage. 25’ € 35,00
PRECIOUS ROYAL OIL TREATMENT Itnourishes, hydrates and tones the skin with a relaxing and illuminatingeffect.(Evening Primrose Oil, Rosehip Oil. Organic Hemp Oil, Macadamia Oil, Canola Olive Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil). 25’ € 38,00
STAMINAL METHOD PROFESSIONAL The result of latest generation bio-technologies, it bases its effectiveness on a cocktail of concentrated plant stem cells, silicone-free and with a very strong regenerating capacity. Plant stem cells have all-round anti-aging properties. 55’ € 65,00
ROYAL PROFESSIONAL METHOD A personalized face experience to tone, stimulate and act in depth on skin aging. Cosmeticinnovation for a Royal treatment. 55’ € 65,00
BODY PEELING WITH SALTS It is recommended for everyone as a first treatment for body care. It restores a satiny and shiny appearance to the skin. 55’ € 53,00
SPECIAL AROMATIC PEELING For a soft, luminous and fragrant skin.Choose your favorite fragrance and let yourself be intoxicated by its scent. 25’ € 35,00
DRAINING BANDAGES Ideal for swollen, tired legs with circular problems 25’ € 30,00
LIGHT LEGS TREATMENT Draining bandages and partial lymphatic drainage 55‘ € 53,00
BODY SHAPE IMPACT TREATMENT Innovative products able to act efficiently on the most important imperfections of the body (cellulite, fat, loss of tone, skin aging). 55’ € 59,00
VENUS TREATMENT Body peeling, hydromassage and massage with essential oil. 55’ € 59,00

Beauty treatments

Beauty treatments
MANICURE € 20,00
HEALING PEDICURE (45-55 MIN) € 40,00
TOTAL HAIR REMOVAL Legs, Groin, Armpits from € 38,00
UVA, FACE SUN BED (Minimum 15') € 7,00
FACE-BODY UVA SUN BED Minimum 15', for every minute over 15 minutes € 0,50 € 12,00