Hotel with wellness center in Abano Terme | Hotel Terme Paradiso

Hotel with wellness center in Abano Terme

If you want to brighten up your visage and indulge in a massage, our beauty center is the place for you. Our specialized staff will take care of you with wellness treatments, visage treatments and oriental massage or relaxing massage.

Terme Paradiso, hotel with wellness center in Abano Terme.

Beauty Pricelist

30 min. massage

30 min. massage
Face and scalp massage Suitable for tightening or for lifting facial muscle. € 29,00
Cervical massage Melts tensions in the neck area to eliminate functional disturbances € 29,00
Total body massage Traditional massage provides wellbeing and relaxes muscles € 29,00
Face lympho-drainage Suitable for those who suffer from swelling and bursitis around the eyes. Excellent detoxifying treatment suitable against free radicals € 29,00
Partial lympho-drainage Fights water retention and improves lymphatic circulation. € 29,00
Anti-cellulite massage Manual technique to improve blood circulation provided with suitable anti-cellulite products. € 29,00
Plantar reflexology By pressing specific points on the sole, the masseur provides beneficial effects on the whole body € 32,00 (and on the mind as well). € 32,00

50 min. massage

50 min. massage
Body lympho-drainage Stimulates the functioning of the lymphatic system and efficiently fights water retention. € 47,00
Anti-stress massage Designed to create complete wellbeing both in the body and in the mind while eliminating all tension. € 47,00
Relaxation massage with essential oils Relieves stress, freeing the mind, thanks to the use of aromatherapy and pure oils. € 47,00
Californian massage The perfect treatment to shape and rejuvenate the body; it has an energizing effect. € 47,00
Connective tissue massage € 49,00
Lava Hot Stone massage A fascinating combination of massage, energy and amazing results with hot volcanic stones. A very old technique practiced by the Indians € 54,00
Ayurvedic massage Calming, revitalizing and rebalancing effects; reduces stress. € 57,00
Pinda Sveda Nam A technique deriving from the Ayurvedic philosophy; the treatment consists of the application of warm bags filled with oils, herbs and Dead Sea salts. Strengthens and rejuvenates the body; the senses are awakened and the ageing process is slowed € 57,00
Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian massage) General muscle relaxation; it melts the tension and internal blocks, providing a positive effect on the mind € 54,00

Baths in a Jacuzzi

Baths in a Jacuzzi
Bath with relaxing essences scented and pleasant relaxing bath … with candles (for two people 38.00 Euros) € 30,00
Cleopatra bath bath of milk, almond oil and rose oil. (for two people 43.00 Euros) Moisturizing, remineralizing and relaxing, has positive effects on the mind and body. € 35,00

Face treatments

Face treatments
Complete facial cleansing Cleansing, peeling, warm steam, elimination of black spots, application of serum, draining massage, mask application and moisturizing cream suitable for your skin type € 43,00
Facial cleaning and vegetable collagen treatment complete facial cleansing and application of collagen mask or special anti-aging mask € 58,00
Facial cleaning and stem cells treatment BeUnique Argan € 58,00
Vegetable collagen treatment Special facial treatment with amazing results. Brightens the skin and makes it suppler. € 40,00
Moisturizing or anti-redness treatment Specific treatment for dry skin or very sensitive skin. € 33,00
Customized mask and massage € 33,00

Body treatment

Body treatment
Body peeling with salts Recommended as a basic treatment, brightens the skin and makes it smooth and soft € 29,00
Draining bandage Ideal for swelled, tired legs with blood circulation problems. € 29,00
“Light legs” treatment Cold bandage and partial lympho-drainage € 52,00
Strong anti-cellulite treatment Includes thermal mud, special concentrate serum and massage € 52,00
Venus treatment Body peeling, hydromassage and massage with rose oil € 59,00
"SPECIAL PARADISO" 80 min Treatment Body peeling, body mask, shower, massage € 72,00

Beauty treatments

Beauty treatments
Manicure € 20,00
Pedicure Just maquillage € 25,00
Pedicure Complete € 40,00
Complete waxing Legs, bikini and armpits from € 38,00
Partial waxing from € 28,00
Upper lip or eyebrow waxing € 5,00

...and the final touch...

...and the final touch...
Facial U.V.A. sun bed ( minimum 15 min.) € 7,00
Face and body U. V.A sun bed (minimum 15 min.) € 12,00
Each minute after 15 minutes. € 0,50
Solarium package (3 sessions for face) € 18,00
Solarium package (3 sessions for face and body) € 33,00