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ASL Convention

The Hotel Terme Paradiso is in an agreement with the National Healthcare System.

The NHS allows for one cycle of spa treatments per year, with a maximum of 12 mud therapies (12 mud sessions and 12 therapeutic baths), or 24 inhalation therapies with one referral from the general practitioner. The physician must state the type of treatment and the number of cycles, and also the illness.

For a cycle of mud therapy the referral must state that you need a “cycle of mud therapy” or “cycle of mud therapy and baths”, and the diagnosis must be “arthrosis, rheumatism extra-articular or poly-arthrosis”.

For a cycle of inhalation therapies the referral must state that you need a “cycle of inhalation therapies” or “cycle of inhalation and aerosol” and the diagnosis must be “pharyngitis, rhinitis or bronchitis”.

Here's an example of a referral that was correctly filled-in: